Stainless Steel Glitter Surface Moscow Mule Mugs Copper Mugs

Item No.: WS-AJ11455
-Use food grade SS304 instead of copper, good to your health
-Innovative finish brings you a different feeling
-550ml of capacity, just enough for enjoying your drink
-Choose your own color and printings, create your own mug
One of the biggest advantages of cocktail is, we can get inspirations from everything! One day a girl in our office had a manicure and showed us her glitter fingernails, we were all attracted by the shiny colors. Then an idea suddenly came to us and we decided to develop this kind of finish on our products! After weeks of trying we finally succeed, and proud to introduce the newly developed series to all of our clients!

After the famous cocktail "Moscow Mule" was created, this kind of mug is more and more popular. The classic mug was made of copper, however, when acidity involved in the drinking of a Moscow mule, it may cause copper toxicity. So we use 304 stainless steel with copper plating instead, which is 100% safe for human body.