Stainless Steel Glitter Surface​​​​​​​ Wine Glass Copper Mug

Item No.: WS-AJ41450
-Rather than normal glass mugs, the 304 stainless steel version is much more durable
-The new finish brings a special feel
-94mm in diameter and 98mm in height, perfect to hold in hand
-500ml capacity, just enough for enjoying your drink
Like we said, we can get inspirations from everything! One day a girl in our office had a manicure and showed us her glitter fingernails, we were all attracted by the shiny colors. Then an idea suddenly came to us and we decided to develop this kind of finish on our products! After weeks of trying we finally succeed, and proud to introduce the newly developed series to all of our clients!

Stemless wine glass is both classic and fashion. With 0.7mm food grade stainless steel, this glass is no longer fragile and can be easily decorated. This is definitely one of the items that you would never regret to have!