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The designing of jigger

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Update time : 2020-09-04 15:03:18
A cocktail shaker set include different products.The jigger is a necessary products for the drink making process.It is to be designed for different capacity and structure.There we share more about the product designing and its structure designing.
Jigger which it is a kind of container in the process of making the cocktail process.It is to be designed for different type.
The most common type is to be designed with two kind of container which a big capacity and stainless capacity.The normal capacity is 15/30ml,20/40ml and 20/50ml.The materials of the jigger mainly is stainless steel.What's more,the surface of jigger has three kind of method: Electroplating,Painting,PVC material and polishing.

1.Electroplating: This method of processing surface of jigger can be the color of gold,copper,black,blue,purple and rainbow color.
2.Painting: You can choose the color from the panton card. This type surface dealing method is simple and easy.Compared with other type,it will be more simple and reduce more cost of the product.
3.PVC Materials: The PP is wrape over the stainless steel jigger outside,we also can choice any color we need.
4.Polishing: The polishing method it makes the surface smoother.
5.Plating: The plating is a surface covering in which a metal is deposited on a conductive surface.Vacuum plating and water plating.The vacuum plating is a family of processes used to deposit deposit layers of material atom-by-atom or molecule-by-molcule on a solid surface.These processes operate at pressure well below atmospheric pressure.
Water plating is a process that uses an electric current to reduce dissolve metal cations so that they form a thin coherent metal coating on an electrode.

Painting: Painting is a way to decorate the surface or stop rusting.The mateiral are usually liquid paint,rubber.
The Normal painting: Normal painting is the most common used.It can be glossy or matt.Various of colors can be chosen.
Rubber painting: Rubber painting is to create a surface coated by rubber.It gives the user a soft touch,makes the item upscale.
Polishing method: Matt polishing is a rough polishing which leaves the machining markets on the surface.You can see the brushed lines clearly.People who like metal texture will probably like this kind of polishing.
Mirror polishing: Mirrior polishing that makes the surface as shining as a mirror.It usually takes 2 or 3 times to polish.In that case,the cost of mirror polishing is higher that matt polishing.
The designing of the logo has three method: Embossing,Engraving and Printing.
Embossing: Making this kind of logo by modifying the mold.It will take some days and need extra costs on the mold,but it's worth it for the unique touch.
Engraving: We use laser for engraving the logo.This is the most efficient and frequently used way on logo making.
Printing: Various of printing methods making your logo brilliant.For 1 color,we usually choose silk screen which is cheaper and fast,for more or special colors,water transfer,heat transfer,decal,air printing and so on,you will never know how many methods there are for printings.

The application of the jigger:
1.Choose the correct side to contain liquids.
2.Pour the liquid into the jigger until it's filled.
3.Pour the liquid from the jigger into cocktail shaker or glass.
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